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Eric Mora's Traffic School in Redding

Thank you for choosing our traffic violator school we are the elite in driving school and traffic schools in the area Eric Mora's Traffic School is superior in knowledge and classroom instruction not only the lowest price traffic violator school we also offer our classes in our facility in Redding, California.

Eric Mora's traffic school is a DMV licensed, Shasta county court approved traffic violator school meeting all legal requirements in rectifying your traffic citation and with prior permission from the court you may attend our 1 day class. you will receive your certificate of completion at the end of class. If you choose not to attend traffic violator school you may acquire points on your driving record. If you receive a second citation within 18 months that citation will stay on your record for 3 years or longer which can cause an increase in your insurance premiums.
Redding Traffic School, CA Traffic School Fee $30.00 USD

We look forward to having you in our class we have a very relaxed and most informative atmosphere updating you on current laws pertaining to driving and advanced defensive driving techniques. Please bring with you your citation and court documents, driver license all credit cards checks or cash will be accepted please call with any inquiries

No alcoholic beverages to be consumed or possessed by participants during school.

Any person involved in the offering of or soliciting for a certificate of completion for attendance at a traffic school program, in which the person does not attend or does not complete the minimal amount of instruction time, maybe guilty of violation section 134 of the California penal code.

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